Who Can Help Me With Finances During My Break-up?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ™ can help.

Whether you are unrepresented, have retained a lawyer or you are in mediation. I can help. 

7 Tips For Settling Your Divorce Financials Successfully


While there are no hard and fast rules, you can plan better if you consider these 7 tips. 


1.   Don’t be in a hurry – ensure that you have the proper information to make good decisions

2.   Think about what it will cost you to fight for the pleasure of being right

3.   A fair split is not always a 50/50 split

4.   Make sure you understand the future impact of the decisions you make today

5.   Understand the tax impact of any proposed settlement

6.   Don’t base your financial decisions on your emotions

7.   Expect that your lifestyle is going to change


I know that these things are easier said than done. That is why I am here. After having lived the worst case scenario during my divorce I can truly understand what you are experiencing. 

Knowledge is power.