Who Can Help Me With Finances During My Break-up?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ™ can help.

Whether you are unrepresented, have retained a lawyer or you are in mediation. I can help. 

 How Can I Help?


My training as a Qualified Mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst provides me with a unique perspective. I can help put some logic in the chaos that often comes with a break-up. Having been through a divorce myself I can provide both practical and financial support.

I can save you time, money and stress. A CDFA like myself, engaged early in the process can be used by either party or as a neutral by both parties to help each of your clearly understand your financial situation, now and in the future. 

Later in the process a CDFA can be used to support settlement negotiations as well as the litigation process.

One party is often more knowledgeable about the family’s household finances than the other. Using a CDFA can help level the playing field.

And sometimes a CDFA is just there to help manage expectations. Emotions can get in the way during separation and divorce, perhaps clouding your judgment. Often when you are stuck in the middle it’s hard to see past where you are today in order to make good long term decisions. 

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