It’s amazing the perspective you gain when the conflict you are in between is not your own. It allows me the opportunity to listen without emotion, ask questions and guide people to win-win solutions.

Why me?

I have a unique perspective. I am a mom of 2 and have lived through a messy divorce and come out the other side.

I have a successful Family Mediation practice and I’m a Separation Coach. I have had my fair share of break ups, some have gone well, some have gone spectacularly wrong.
I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of mediation and coaching experience.

I run a Separation2Success meetup group with almost 200 people in it.
Yes, it’s true – I also host a Rogers TV show about communication.
I can help with the practical side of divorce. Lawyers help with legal, counsellors help with your mental well-being, I fill in the gaps!
I help people fight…FAIR.

Here’s what I know!

While there may not be a right way to break up, there are certainly wrong ways.

If you make your separation a war…it will become expense

It is harder to focus on doing the right thing and your kids than you think when you are emotional.

There is no one size fits all divorce. Your solution needs to be a unique as you are.

Divorce isn’t over when you sign the agreement.

You will always be mom, he will always be dad…separation/divorce doesn’t change that.

It’s rewarding being part of the solution- not part of the problem.

Julie Gill Q.Med

Owner of Families First Mediation and Separation   twitter @mediationforall             twitter @separationcoach