Separation Coach

A community blog to help people going through break ups, separation or divorce.

Separation Coach - A community blog to help people going through break ups, separation or divorce.

Parenting Plans and Teens…How to Handle Change.

You have been divorced for 6 years. Your parenting plan did an excellent job of identifying when each parent would be the “active” parent and spend time with your kids. It set out how you were going to parent, how you would handle holidays, expenses and how you as parents would make changes to the plan.

Surprise, surprise, your 15 year old has decided that your parenting plan no longer works for him/her. Did you discuss during your separation how you would handle changes that were initiated by your children? Continue reading

Why Is Family Mediation Seen As Negative?

So, I regularly have people say “Oh I am happily married, I would never need your sevices” or “if I take your card or friend you on Facebook someone will think I need your services”.

To these people I have a few questions…

“What if a family member was divorcing, would you rather see them in court losing their savings or privately sorting out their differences?”

“What if you are struggling with your siblings over selling your dad’s house during the process of moving him into a care facility?”

“What if your son/daughter is in a new relationship with a partner that also has children…they are planning on moving in together. How will your grandchildren will be cared for?”

For all of the above situations a Family mediator could be amazingly helpful in creating transition plans and bridging the gaps in communication.

Life is about relationships, making connections, happiness…yes? I have devoted my practice to helping families transition their relationships during a time of stress. It is a very balanced and fair process that lets you stay in control. Staying focused on what really matters and helping you to move forward. What could be more positive than that?

I am divorced and had the unfortunate experience, cost and stress of going through the legal process during my life transition. After 9 years I can honestly say that I can provide a great deal of insight into a parenting plan. Issues that you will face early on in the transition as well as issues that may arise later.

Mediation is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Having the knowledge that mediation exists may help you, a family member, friend or client in the future. Mediation really is your choice for POSITIVE change.