uncooperative ex

Trying To Parent with an Uncooperative Ex? Here Are 5 Tips That May Help.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the mom or the dad role…you may find yourself trying to co-parent with someone that you don’t see eye to eye with.

I’d love to say that there is an easy solution. I can waive my magic wand and your ex will be cooperative and work with you to make good decisions in the best interests of the kids…OR maybe it would be easier for me to just make a movie about it instead.

What people forget is that even if you were still together you and your ex would have disagreed about parenting issues. How you handled them would have been different though.

Without a vested interest in the relationship there is little room for open discussion and compromise.


Parenting Plans and Teens…How to Handle Change.

You have been divorced for 6 years. Your parenting plan did an excellent job of identifying when each parent would be the “active” parent and spend time with your kids. It set out how you were going to parent, how you would handle holidays, expenses and how you as parents would make changes to the plan.

Surprise, surprise, your 15 year old has decided that your parenting plan no longer works for him/her. Did you discuss during your separation how you would handle changes that were initiated by your children?


Parenting Plans …“A Roadmap to Successful Co-Parenting”

Separation is a very difficult and emotional time for many parents, even for those that are amicable. Parenting plans help to guide parents through their parenting responsibilities during a very stressful time; they are the roadmap to a successful future co-parenting.

A parenting plan is a written agreement that identifies all of the arrangements that have been made about how the children will be cared for and supported. A parenting plan can include anything that the parents want to put in the agreement and can be either lengthy and detailed or brief and summarized.