Separation, Parenting, Financials and YOU

Separation is a tough time. So many decisions to make, so many changes. Whether this was your decision or not, it’s happening.

Many people have trouble sorting out the financial aspects of their breakup, you are not alone. Some people can’t afford a lawyer or don’t want a lawyer and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get any outside help though.

Below I’ve listed some questions that you may have and how I can help.

Are you just at the beginning of separating and have no idea what to do next?

Let’s talk about your options, your concerns and create a strategy for you moving forward.

Do you have children and need to create a parenting plan?

You can’t imagine not seeing your children every day and don’t understand how you can possibly create a plan, or what needs to be in it. Let’s chat about your concerns, your options and your children’s needs.

Are you struggling to complete your Financial Disclosure?

I think it’s safe to say that the Family Court forms are not as user friendly as they could be and certainly not intuitive. Let me help you put the right information in the right place.

Are you trying to figure out what your finances even look like?

There is often an imbalance of power with respect to financials in a relationship. One person may have made the bulk of the money or taken care of the bills. We can review your situation so that you are clear on where you are now financially and where you want to be.

Are you unrepresented but still want to make good financial decisions?

Whether you want to create a settlement proposal or you need help reviewing one that was presented to you, I can help. We can review the proposal together, create a list of questions and/or create a counter proposal. The benefit is that it will be a professional financial package that a lawyer, a mediator or a judge is able to easily understand and review.

Do you still have to live together and need to create a transitional budget to ensure day-day costs get paid?

We can jointly review expenses, create a budget and you can decide who will pay for what during the time it takes you to sort out all of your separation tasks.

Have you prepared your own Separation Agreement and would like to talk it over with someone?

We can review what you’ve put together and I can hi-light any areas that you may want to discuss or discuss further.

Would you like to communicate professionally with your ex’s lawyer?

We can draft questions, proposals or responses to inquiries – without the emotion that I know you want to put in it!

If your question isn’t on here, please give us call!