Here’s a blog post that a friend of mine wrote called “On My Own”


“A major thing that I have found both tough and rewarding is being a single Dad. “

It is amazing how many things are new and exciting to you after separation. You need to be open to saying yes to those opportunities and accepting those challenges thought…YES that is the hard part 🙂

Last night a group of people at the Separation2Success meetup group had an interesting conversation about how to move forward after separation or divorce. There was overall agreement that taking care of yourself and doing something just for you was beneficial in helping people get through some of the lonely times.

Travelling, writing, playing guitar and reading were some of the hobbies members of this group took up. Many of them also credit Meetup in general for helping them to make new friends and start to socialize again.

It really is up to you how you want your life to look going forward. Try your best not to get stuck in that dark place and push yourself, even just a little.

Author Julie Gill

Owner and Principal Mediator

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